Best Upright Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

Getting the best upright vacuum cleaner comes with a number of benefits. For instance, it reduces the amount of time spent in the cleaning process by providing an efficient machine that leaves a sparkles surface. Further, it eliminates the health problem arising from hours you bend to reach corners by giving you a machine whose design is light and easy to use. A professional cleaning job also eliminates the risks of disease resulting from dust or particles that are left on the surface.

finding upright vacuum cleaner for house

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The greatest concern is getting the right machine. Here are reviews of the best upright vacuum cleaners:

1. Hoover U5140900 Tempo Widepath Bagged Upright Vacuum

It comes with a 12 Amp motor that speeds up the suctioning process. This makes it suitable for different environments without fearing that it may malfunction. In addition, it offers five height options that can be adjusted based on the height of the carpet. The nozzle is 15 inches wide making it easy to clean a large area in minutes. It offers a 24 foot cord that helps the user maneuver the house without interrupting the power supply. This machine reduces the tiresome task of removing dirt because it has a bag unlike other models that discharge dust into the house when emptying them.

2. Eureka 8811AVZ Pet Lover Deluxe Upright Vacuum Cleaner

One of the striking qualities about this machine is the fact that it cleans and removes smells at the same time. Odor is irritating to occupants and it can also cause allergic reactions. This makes the Pet Lover Deluxe the right option for homeowner with pets so that the cleaning process is completed at once using the charcoal filter. It uses whirlwind cyclonic technology and has the crevice tool to clean areas that are out of reach for the base. However, this design uses a dirt cup not bags.

3. Eureka 4711BZ Maxima Bagless Lightweight Upright Vacuum

It has a light design that makes it easy to move around. Further, it does not have a tip and comes with a 12 amp motor and 15 inches wide cleaning nozzle. The user enjoys 5 height adjustments and micro filtration that eliminates dust particles that can cause allergic reactions especially in asthmatic people. Instead of bags, the Maxima Bagless design contains a dirt cup that is easy to empty. It comes with several tools like a crevice tool, extension wand and dusting brush.

4. Eureka 3277AVZ Whirlwind Plus Upright Vacuum Cleaner

It stands out because of the multi surface cleaning features such as the telescopic self-cleaning duster. It cleans dust from surfaces like furniture and fragile appliances in the home. In addition, the power paw with riser visor takes away dirt and pet hair that might be on lodged on drapery. It also comes with a HEPA filter to trap allergens.

5. Hoover C1320 Signature Commercial Upright Vacuum Cleaner

It is light in weight and has a 12 inch nozzle. This design is suitable for commercial cleaning and has a 4 amp motor and HEPA filtration to remove allergens from the air. The user can adjust the height accordingly when cleaning, and stuff the debris in the bag attachment. This design is also listed as one of the best options because it contains bristles to clean edges and baseboards.

All these upright vacuum cleaners are great choices to make. Good luck at finding the one!

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